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Mattie Whyte Woodridge: The Inspiring History of Teacher Appreciation Week

Mattie Whyte Woodridge and the History of Teacher Appreciation Week

Students, parents, and the community at large should recognize the important work of teachers throughout the year, but it’s nice to set aside a special week just for that purpose! Teacher Appreciation Week has become an established tradition in school districts throughout the United States, but few seem to know

Find Your Space; Own your space!

To be effective and happy, we need to be ourselves. The start of a new year, a big term ahead, it’s reflection time.  My message to teachers and leaders is to navigate the turbulence and try to do what you can to make your job your own; to carve out

Which of These Celebrities Were Once Teachers?

We all know teachers are rock stars, but it’s also true that many rock stars, actors, inventors, and other famous people got their start as teachers. Can you guess which of the following celebrities once worked in classrooms? But Back to You. Teachers, your work is more valuable than words can

Teacher Feedback Inspires Extraordinary New App

All year long, we visit classrooms throughout the country to provide professional development, tools, and training. We love helping educators transform their schools into powerful learning environments, but to do that effectively, we have to ask a lot of questions. Why did you choose a career in education? What drives

Performance assessment doesn’t talk about how to teach… but how to assess learning

Dr. Susan Brookhart: What Performance Assessment Is… and What It Isn’t

Dr. Susan Brookhart’s book, Performance Assessment: Showing What Students Know and Can Do, is available at the Learning Sciences bookstore. Dr. Brookhart, a former elementary school teacher, also taught at Duquesne University from 1989 to 2003. She was a keynote speaker at the 2015 Building Expertise Conference, discussing the characteristics of