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Four Steps to Defining Your Legacy as a Teacher

By Theresa Staley Of all the things you do in this life, make it your mission to leave a lasting imprint on your students that’s so bold, it defines your legacy and resonates well into the future. But what exactly is a legacy and what does it have to do with

Best Practices for Professional Learning Communities

By Scott Sterling One of the key pieces of the beginning of the school year is the establishment or reestablishment of a school’s professional learning communities (PLCs). Although PLCS are a common practice in modern education, perhaps a school has a new leadership team or quite a few new teachers.

No matter the environment or time of year, practice never stops.

What Is Deliberate Practice?

By Scott Sterling The story of Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player to ever put on sneakers, being cut from his high school basketball team has reached the stuff of legend (a legend that’s true, but legend nonetheless). It’s a story of perseverance—and practice. The story has implications for any