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Writing with Voice

By Mary Shea, co-author of The FIVES Strategy for Reading Comprehension Writing is an expressive language process that allows us to record thoughts, feelings, knowledge, and inspirations. That expression can be for ourselves or for an audience. Transforming ideas into written words requires considerable effort, making the message clear and interesting

Cultivating Coaching Mindsets

What if All Educators Adopted a “Coaching Mindset” This Year?

By Jacy Ippolito and Rita M. Bean, authors of Cultivating Coaching Mindsets There is much being written about the dire need for better teaching these days. Much of the rhetoric places the burden squarely on teachers’ shoulders. But where are teachers supposed to turn for support and guidance, once they have completed

The FIVES Strategy for Reading Comprehension, by Mary Shea and Nancy Roberts

The FIVES, or Everything You Need to “Get It” When You Read ANYTHING!

By Nancy Roberts and Mary Shea, authors of The FIVES Strategy for Reading Comprehension Working with students from K-12 and beyond, you will always find students who struggle with reading. Being able to phonetically decipher the words is one thing, but for some, that is where it stops. They connected