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Teacher Feedback Inspires Extraordinary New App

All year long, we visit classrooms throughout the country to provide professional development, tools, and training. We love helping educators transform their schools into powerful learning environments, but to do that effectively, we have to ask a lot of questions. Why did you choose a career in education? What drives

Feedback comes in many varieties—and they’re all useful

Deliberate Practice in the Wake of a Bad Observation

By Scott Sterling As a teacher, you’re used to observations, especially if you work in a Marzano-inspired system. You do your best to prepare, but sometimes things just don’t go as planned. Perhaps a projector bulb blows, a more challenging student had extra Nutella with breakfast, or it’s just that

You may want to be a little more organized than this.

Effective Student Surveys and How They Inform Instruction

by Scott Sterling, Learning Sciences International Let’s have fun with a metaphor. If your school were a car dealership, whose job would everyone have? You, the teacher, are obviously a salesperson. In fact, many attempts have been made to equate education with sales. Your assistant principals might be service managers,