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FTEM Newsletter: Planning for Success and Using the Protocols to Plan

You are reading a post from the the Learning Sciences International (LSI) monthly FTEM newsletter helping to inform current users of the Focused Teacher Evaluation Model on the best practices for effective evaluation. Planning for Success Why is planning the first step to success? Best Practice: Using the Protocols to

Evaluation That Rewards Teacher Development

By Dr. Beverly Carbaugh In our travels around the country, we’ve seen districts embracing the Marzano Focused Teacher Evaluation Model with a lot of enthusiasm. Principals and teachers like the emphasis on just 23 powerful core competencies—elements of teacher pedagogy and practice that research has shown get the most dramatic

No matter the environment or time of year, practice never stops.

What Is Deliberate Practice?

By Scott Sterling The story of Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player to ever put on sneakers, being cut from his high school basketball team has reached the stuff of legend (a legend that’s true, but legend nonetheless). It’s a story of perseverance—and practice. The story has implications for any