Tag: Essentials for Achieving Rigor

It’s hard for students to think about any perspective but their own

Helping Students Examine Their Reasoning

By Scott Sterling The more rigorous college and career readiness standards, on which most states are embarking, universally call for students to have a deeper interaction with knowledge. It’s not enough to simply remember things—they have to be able to use new knowledge effectively in order to achieve goals, such

Working Together: Collaboration Changes the Game

Everyone needs to be on the same page, knowing what’s expected of them. By: Scott Sterling, Learning Sciences International As we’ve stated before, the primary goal of the learning sciences teacher blog is to foster a community of teachers that help each other strive toward college and career readiness. We

Goals and Scales Are the Backbone of Rigor

To know what success looks like, you need the right goal. By: Scott Sterling, Learning Sciences International Many schools require teachers to post or write their learning goals on the board before each class. Some want those goals in kid-friendly language; others don’t care if you copy the standard’s text

Bridging the Gap to College and Career Readiness

By Scott Sterling This might be the most intensive time in the history of education. It’s a perfect storm of political mandates, changes in standards, and scrutiny over the profession of teaching. From all of these fronts, teachers are expected to make their instruction more rigorous and foster 21st century