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The Grit Conundrum

By Scott Sterling Grit has become a buzzword in the education community. It falls in with the conative skills that we discuss occasionally—skills that are not academic by nature, but important in the cognitive and academic growth of a student. To be sure, perseverance is important. An effective teacher’s classroom

Coaching Makes the Difference in Professional Development

By Scott Sterling A recent study by TNTP, formerly The New Teacher Project, was covered by the Wall Street Journal and others under a headline that teacher professional development is, as a whole, ineffective. But if you dig deeper into the study, you can see that there are research-based findings

Add the little blue bird to your toolbox

Twitter for Teachers: Using Social Media in Education

By Scott Sterling In education, Twitter has become as indispensable a tool as we have. Its implications are wide-ranging. It can help: Teachers bring the outside world into the classroom Students practice important writing skills Educators from all over the world connect with each other That’s a lot of tasks

Feedback comes in many varieties—and they’re all useful

Deliberate Practice in the Wake of a Bad Observation

By Scott Sterling As a teacher, you’re used to observations, especially if you work in a Marzano-inspired system. You do your best to prepare, but sometimes things just don’t go as planned. Perhaps a projector bulb blows, a more challenging student had extra Nutella with breakfast, or it’s just that

She receives immediate feedback during her practice. You, on the other hand, do not

Tech Tools for Deliberate Practice

By Scott Sterling The great teachers, and those on the way to achieving greatness, view their craft as a process—and processes should always lead to improvement. The strategies and steps you take in that process are what make up deliberate practice. However, if you think deliberate practice can only be

No matter the environment or time of year, practice never stops.

What Is Deliberate Practice?

By Scott Sterling The story of Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player to ever put on sneakers, being cut from his high school basketball team has reached the stuff of legend (a legend that’s true, but legend nonetheless). It’s a story of perseverance—and practice. The story has implications for any