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What To Do When I Don’t Know What To Do: New Arrivals

Originally posted on by Kerry Shelke, experienced ESL/Bilingual educator in the US and internationally, is passionate about working with new arrivals.  In this blog, she shares her tips for ensuring these Newcomer ELLs have access to quality education and equity in the classroom.   As an educator, I have spent

The Role Mindfulness Can Play in the Classroom

By Scott Sterling Our students are stressed out. The causes are many (too many activities, too much pressure, not enough down time, etc.), but they have very little ability throughout the day to just “be”, to clear their minds and focus their attention inward rather than outward. The practice of

Helping Students Effectively Interact with New Knowledge: Visual Instruction

By Scott Sterling Key in the Marzano framework’s efforts toward rigor is the concept that students need not only to be taught new knowledge, but also how to interact with it. How can they use it? Why is this important? How do we expand on new ideas? These are all