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2020 Florida Principal of the Year – Sarajean McDaniel (PART 1)

This is the first part of our two-part interview with Sarajean McDaniel. Learn how William D. Moseley Elementary School overcame severe behavior issues, habitually low-performance, and high teacher turnover to become a fast-developing, thriving, C-grade school in just one year. How did your journey begin as the Principal at Moseley?

Lessons Learned: Reaching Families for Equity and Student Achievement

Educators and families have high expectations for themselves and each other and both feel overwhelmed when their students aren’t succeeding.  On occasion, differences involving culture, perception and perspective, cause assumptions and misunderstandings that can make communication and partnership efforts complicated. With this understanding, I’ve come to learn a few lessons

Using Classroom Technology as a Tool, Not a Crutch

By Michael D. Toth, coauthor of The Power of Student Teams. Originally published in Education Week. Technology provides many powerful opportunities to support student learning, but sometimes it can be used as a crutch rather than as a tool. Here are a few guidelines that educators can consider to ensure

Bowlesburg Elementary holds Monday night tailgate to celebrate school progress

A Monday Night Tailgate at Bowlesburg Elementary: Celebrating a Semester of Growth

In schools and districts throughout the United States, LSI’s Applied Research Center is transforming core instruction and leadership practices. It’s always exciting to see the results, and to hear about community celebrations like this one in Illinois. Keep up the fantastic work, Bowlesburg Elementary! The transformation began when the school