Author: Trise Moore

Trise Moore has designed and implemented community outreach and family engagement frameworks for districts and non-profit organizations throughout the U.S. She was selected as Education Week’s 2017 Leader to Learn From, for her outstanding leadership in the field of family engagement and was acknowledged as an emerging leader by the Harvard Family Research Project for her district level work establishing effective, collaborative district wide family and community partnership structures. She offers training, coaching and technical assistance on the four equity recommendations and leadership practices to district’s and community-based organizations.

Lessons Learned: Reaching Families for Equity and Student Achievement

Educators and families have high expectations for themselves and each other and both feel overwhelmed when their students aren’t succeeding.  On occasion, differences involving culture, perception and perspective, cause assumptions and misunderstandings that can make communication and partnership efforts complicated. With this understanding, I’ve come to learn a few lessons

Family engagement and student achievement

What Does Family Engagement Have to Do with Equity and Student Achievement?

There is no question that teachers deserve the lion’s share of the credit when a student learns to read, write and grasp any academic concept covered during the school day. In fact, research and every respected education leader in the Country, will confirm teachers are the most important factor regarding