Author: Sara Croll

Sara Croll, author of Student Teaming: You Got This! works in Research and Development and was an educator in Title 1 schools for ten years. She has taught elementary, middle, and high school and served as a literacy coach where she mentored and supported teachers. She earned her undergraduate degree at Loyola University Chicago, where she focused on service for others through philanthropy work with children locally and internationally. She earned a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from the University of Phoenix and a master’s in educational leadership from the American College of Education. She joined Learning Sciences International in 2016, as the assistant to the CEO, working on special projects in the content team. For the past year she has been a part of the research and development team, where she keeps the needs of teachers at the forefront of her work. She has a focus on providing teachers with practical applications to see immediate impact in their classrooms. She has presented on topics ranging from teaming to using daily data in Professional Learning Communities to form instructional decisions.

“We HOPE to See a Productive Struggle” Sara Croll on Omaha Public Radio

“We hope to see a productive struggle. We want kids to really think it out and try. When the teacher goes in and shows them and saves them, so to speak, the learning stops, because they got the answer and they’re done. So we really encourage the productive struggle —

Student Teaming: 3 Strategies for Turning Students into Teachers

By: Sara Croll, author of Student Teaming: You Got This! A Teacher’s Survival Guide If we want students to be successful working in truly rigorous, autonomous academic teams, we need to give them tools to help them work through the challenges that might occur. Students don’t usually come equipped with strategies