Author: Jane Kennedy

Jane began her career over 25 year ago as a self-contained classroom teacher in an inner-city, urban setting with the majority of her students receiving Title I support and free-and-reduced lunch.  This initial experience infused Jane with a passion for educational equity that has influenced her subsequent career focus.  This focus led her to begin consulting work where she supported adults at all levels in the educational system.  As Chief Financial Officer, Jane not only looks after the business aspects of Elevated Achievement Group but also understands educational funding at the federal, state, district, and school level.  Her work includes the development and delivery of professional learning support for clients as they begin identifying strengths and gaps in current practice.  Her work focuses on improving student learning and understanding the necessary actions of adults in the system to ensure academic success occurs for all students.

3 Steps to Develop Reflective, thus Effective Teachers

This article was originally published on Elevated Achievement Group, Inc. We are told that teachers should develop students that can evaluate their own learning.  The thinking is that this will make them active participants in their own education and guide them towards becoming lifelong learners.  We at Elevated Achievement Group