Author: Carla Moore

An experienced professional developer, literacy coach, teacher, and administrator, Carla Moore, MSEd, is a National Practice Leader for Curriculum and a member of the research and development team for Learning Sciences International (LSI). Carla leads a team of curriculum experts in developing, facilitating, and helping transform districts and states on standards-aligned curriculum systems. She is nationally recognized for her commitment to K–12 education. Follow Carla on Twitter: @Carla_LSI Connect with Carla on LinkedIn: Carla Moore

Five Monitoring Techniques That Deepen Student Learning

By Carla Moore For years, we’ve had a serious problem in education. The heavy emphasis on high-stakes testing has prevented teachers from getting timely, actionable evidence of student learning. Ultimately, when a test score, issued after a student is no longer in a given classroom, indicates that the student did

5 Essential Strategies to Help Students Meet Rigorous Standards

By Carla Moore Are your students developing high-level cognitive skills? Critical thinking, analysis, generating and testing hypotheses—these are all important goals of revised state standards. As schools implement new standards, we should be seeing much more evidence that teachers are gradually scaffolding student learning to help students reach the highest levels