Author: Beverly Carbaugh

Beverly Carbaugh, EdD, specializes in school- and district-level leadership. She is co-author of white papers and the district leadership model with Robert J. Marzano. Before joining Learning Sciences International, she was deputy superintendent of the School District of Osceola County in Florida. Carbaugh began her career in 1979 as a teacher and served as principal of Mintz Elementary and Tomlin Middle School and as charter principal of Colleen Lunsford Bevis Elementary School, a National Blue Ribbon School. Carbaugh’s expertise includes executive leadership in school administration, human resources, and business and finance. She also has extensive experience in professional development and presenting at state and national forums. She earned a doctorate degree in education leadership from the University of South Florida and her bachelor's degree in elementary education from the University of Arizona.

Are Today’s School Leaders Getting the Support They Need?

by Beverly Carbaugh and Robert Marzano, coauthors of School Leadership for Results: A Focused Model There is tremendous turnover and attrition of principals and assistant principals in K–12 schools. 25,000 principals leave the profession each year, fully a quarter of the country’s school leaders. Half of principals quit their jobs by

From Summers Off to Learning On (and On and On): What Makes Education Conferences Valuable

By Beverly Carbaugh For years, I proclaimed that I was a “lifelong” learner. I wrote it in my resume, I advocated it in school improvement concepts, and I continually emphasized that we all had to be lifelong learners. But in hindsight, maybe I wasn’t always practicing what I preached. Getting