What Is Truly On Your Plate: Transformative Principal Interview With Amy Dujon

Amy Dujon

We’re all familiar with the old script. The teacher stands at the front of the classroom lecturing, the students take notes, and then there’s an assignment. Unfortunately, that script can’t prepare today’s learners for success in college and the global workplace.

As Principal of a Florida elementary school, LSI Practice Leader Amy Dujon empowered each of her teachers to become highly skilled at releasing ownership of learning. The result? A building comprised entirely of rigorous, student-centered classrooms. During the process, Dujon found herself focusing on what students (not teachers) were doing.

In this interview with Jethro Jones, Dujon shares what she learned, and what she now considers the most important leadership skills for principals to develop. Listen here:

For more guidance from Amy Dujon, look for her forthcoming book, The Gritty Truth of School Transformation, coming this spring from Learning Sciences International.

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