By Scott Sterling

We would like to think we run a pretty good blog here, but we’re not foolish enough to think we’re the only one. The truth is that there are many, many outlets from which respected education leaders and newbie teachers alike share their experiences. Summer is a great time to catch up on your favorites and find new ones to start following.

Best practices: Use an RSS reader like Feedly to read your favorite blogs all at one time. If you don’t mind consistent emails, sign up for email newsletters from chosen bloggers so you have access to their latest work.

Dylan Wiliam Center

A sister project of ours, this blog focuses on the work of the internationally recognized assessment guru, including guided studies of his books as well as commentaries from the man himself. It’s a great way to connect with other educators who are studying the same concepts as you.

The Principal of Change

This is the blog of George Couros, a principal for the Parkland School Division in Canada, as well as a learning and leadership consultant. His work focuses on building relationships and the use of technology to affect educational change at the leadership level, among other topics.

Finding Common Ground

Finding Common Ground is written by national consultant and speaker Peter DeWitt and hosted by Education Week. In particular, he is focused on technology and how it can be used in staff development. He is a noted proponent of flipped learning, especially in professional development.

A Principal’s Reflections

Eric Sheninger has been a go-to technology advocate for years, especially where it crosses over with educational leadership. Originally a high school principal, he is now the Senior Fellow at the International Center for Leadership in Education, as well as an accomplished author and public speaker.

Jose Vilson

Vilson teaches math in the Inwood/Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City and his work tends to focus on what it’s like to teach in the inner city and his best practices for reaching some of education’s most challenging students.

Rafranz Davis

Davis is the Executive Director of Professional and Digital Learning for the Lufkin ISD in eastern Texas. She’s passionate about using technology to improve educational outcomes for all students, particularly minorities. In fact, her book is titled The Missing Voices in Ed-Tech: Bringing Diversity into Ed-Tech.

Free Technology for Teachers

Richard Byrne uses his blogging prowess for a simple goal: to highlight free technology resources for teachers. His posting schedule is prolific (almost daily) and the tags make it easy to find tools that would be relevant for your practice.


Like it or not, the worlds of education and politics often intersect. However, it can be too daunting a task to ask a teacher to keep up with all of the developments in state capitals and Washington. That’s what Eduwonk, written mainly by policy consultant Andrew Rotherham, is for. Quick hits about the things going on in government that may affect what goes on in the classroom.

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