A Teacher’s Summer Reading List

By Scott Sterling

Some teachers want to expand their craft during the summer, but don’t want to go to conferences or inservices. Instead, they would like a great book for home, the beach, or the airplane. Luckily, we at LSI happen to run a publishing group and bookstore.

Even if you want to learn over summer, you may not want to get into deep educational theory and pedagogical practices. This list is less about statistics and more about inspiring your practice as an educator or education leader.

Who Moved My Standards? by Michael D. Toth

Our CEO has written quite a few books over the years, but this is a departure. Who Moved My Standards? is a parable designed to refocus and inspire teachers in the age of ever-shifting, rigorous standards.

It comes along with a resources section that includes a rubric for our new SOAR (Students’ Opportunities for Achieving Rigor) initiative that can serve as the focus for the entire new school year.

Inclusion & CCSS Supports for Students & Staff by Toby J. Karten

Teachers in inclusive classrooms are facing enormous challenges as they work to unpack the standards for all types of learners. To give them guidance, Toby J. Karten discusses evidence-based approaches that help learners in inclusive classrooms meet Common Core and other rigorous standards.

In this book, she provides practical, grade-level examples that inclusion educators can put to immediate use in their own classrooms. You’ll also learn about the ADMIRE principles for inclusive education.

iPads in the Classroom by Tom Daccord & Justin Reich

Technology is everywhere in education, but many of us are not strategic about its use. We try a lot of strategies that can be hit-or-miss. This book is less about strategies (although they are in there) and more about the philosophy and mindset needed to use the ubiquitous tablets in the classroom.

iPads in the Classroom aims for nothing less than transforming the learning that occurs in a classroom or even an entire school. The learning process can be more differentiated, engaging, and targeted.

Leadership for Teacher Learning by Dylan Wiliam

If you’d like a leadership book that’s based a little more in the nuts and bolts of what goes on in a classroom, assessment guru Dylan Wiliam writes about highly effective strategies and assessments that are proven to revolutionize classroom practice.

Sometimes there can be a disconnect between implementing such strategies at the teacher and administration levels. Wiliam shows how leaders can help foster a high-performing culture from the top.

Formative Assessment in a Brain-Compatible Classroom by Dr. Marcia L. Tate

Want to help your students knock the top off of any test? Want to learn how to maximize the use of assessment, empowering all students to succeed? Read Dr. Tate’s latest book see how you can create brain-compatible learning environments that foster high achievement.

Some of the things she discusses include instilling confidence in students’ brains, building effective questioning that shows students are thinking at higher levels, using engaging strategies to deliver instruction, and employing rubrics to assess student learning.

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