Sessions to Look Forward to at Building Expertise 2015

Building Expertise

By Scott Sterling

It’s hard to believe that Building Expertise is right around the corner again! The signature Marzano conference gets bigger every year, attracting more and more of the brightest minds in education and the most dedicated teachers.

This year’s edition, Journey to Rigor, will be held at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, FL on June 17–19. You know you’ll come away having learned an incredible amount, but the location in itself—right in the heart of the Walt Disney World Resort—promises the most fun and relaxation you can have at a conference.

Here’s just a taste of some of the keynote and breakout sessions that you have to look forward to in June.

Unveiling the Marzano Center Student Learning Objectives – Dr. Robert Marzano and Dr. Lindsey Devers Basilio

It’s not Building Expertise unless Dr. Marzano is introducing revolutionary concepts to the pedagogical community. The purpose behind Learning Sciences International’s objectives is to quicken the feedback a teacher receives on how students are performing in relation to the standards. In other words, the engine behind faster formative assessment.

The Will to Lead: Moving People Out of Their Comfort Zone – Dr. Anthony Muhammad

Dr. Muhammad is the 2005 Michigan Middle School Principal of the Year, author of three books, and a noted researcher. This Friday keynote will take place during lunch (eat and learn!) and promises to focus on Dr. Muhammad’s passion for building professional learning communities even in the most difficult of circumstances. Educational leaders and practitioners alike will come away with strategies that transform their school’s culture. 

Performance Assessment and Quality Questioning – Dr. Susan Brookhart

We all think we have a handle on performance assessment, but the truth is that very few educators can be considered masters of that domain. Dr. Brookhart is one of them. Her preferred methods of assessment center around questioning. She’ll show us how to construct better open and closed questions as well as truly judge where a student’s learning stands based on their answers.

Making Connections Between the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model and the Brain – John Edwards

Obviously, we teachers think a lot about brains and how to fit as much stuff in as possible. We’re increasingly starting to focus just as much on how the brain works and how we can use those tricks to our educational advantage. This session promises to introduce a unique approach to using the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model that better aligns with how the student brain processes and retains information. 

Finding Funding – Nancy Updegraff

In a first for Building Expertise, this session makes cents (and dollars). Let’s face it; budgets aren’t increasing and yet there is so much we need to prepare ourselves and our teachers for the next wave(s) of education reform and the new pedagogical practices that are reshaping the classroom. This session is all about finding grants and funding for the products that can make a real difference in the classroom.

This year’s conference, Journey to Rigor, will be held at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, FL on June 17–19. Register today for Building Expertise 2015.

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