Month: August 2014

She receives immediate feedback during her practice. You, on the other hand, do not

Tech Tools for Deliberate Practice

By Scott Sterling The great teachers, and those on the way to achieving greatness, view their craft as a process—and processes should always lead to improvement. The strategies and steps you take in that process are what make up deliberate practice. However, if you think deliberate practice can only be

Conative skills at work

Exploring Conative Skills

By Scott Sterling Adapted from Diane Hampel’s excellent concurrent session at Building Expertise 2014, Embedding Conative Skills in Lessons. Some teachers have a really tough time developing conative skillsin students. They include interpersonal skills that inform how people work with each other. Few standards govern this aspect of education, and

He must be getting ready for the new school year

How to Unpack a Standard

By Scott Sterling Adapted from Libby Garst’s excellent pre-conference session at Building Expertise 2014, Rigorous Standards-Based Unit Planning – Math.  We have previously discussed the concept of unpacking a standard without going into much depth. Some veterans may already be quite comfortable with it, but it’s time for those who aren’t

The most cognitively complex task in the history of the world.

Planning a College and Career–Ready Lesson

By Scott Sterling A few weeks ago, we discussed planning a rigorous unit. Of course, a unit is made up of individual lessons. Those lessons need to be focused on the goal of college and career readiness, as dictated by your state standards. However, on a daily basis, what does