Month: June 2014

You may want to be a little more organized than this.

Effective Student Surveys and How They Inform Instruction

by Scott Sterling, Learning Sciences International Let’s have fun with a metaphor. If your school were a car dealership, whose job would everyone have? You, the teacher, are obviously a salesperson. In fact, many attempts have been made to equate education with sales. Your assistant principals might be service managers,

Might be complex, but not necessarily rigorous.

Increasing Rigor for ELL Students

by Scott Sterling We talk a lot about rigor here, and we will continue to do so. At Learning Sciences International, we believe that a lack of rigor is one of the primary factors determining whether or not a school is succeeding. And with most of us implementing new, more

Whole-group questioning isn’t good enough anymore

Ritual Engagement Strategies that Help Assess Learning and Increase Rigor

by Scott Sterling, Learning Sciences International Ritual engagement sounds like a scary term, bringing to mind pictures of Mayan sacrifice. It’s actually just the little things you do during a lesson to assess learning informally. If done correctly, they become a habit (hence the “ritual”). For most teachers, this takes