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Navigating the Common Core Strategies: Inclusion Dos & Do Betters

By Toby J. Karten Walking along the shore, hand in hand, glancing at the horizon, are two protagonists: A student with an IEP An educator who is implementing Common Core State Standards (CCSS)   As partners, these two characters—along with colleagues, administrators, legislators, related service providers, families, and peers—comprise a

Quick Guide to YouTube for Teachers: Using Video in the Classroom

By Scott Sterling Teachers have been using video in classrooms since video was invented. For some, it was a way to bring subject matter to life or provide a differing voice. For many, it was a way to add some extra planning time to the day. Nothing has changed in

Dr. Marzano with Area Superintendent Ian Salzman and Calusa Elementary Principal Jamie Wyatt.

Top 10 Quotes (and Photos) from Dr. Robert J. Marzano’s Visit to Palm Beach County Schools for Rigor

Dr. Marzano with Area Superintendent Ian Salzman and Calusa Elementary Principal Jamie Wyatt. During the week of May 20th, Robert J. Marzano visited five Schools for Rigor in Palm Beach County, Florida, where he toured classrooms to see teachers implementing strategies in the Essentials for Achieving Rigor instructional model. The

Knowledge utilization can be a short trip or a deeper dive.

Incorporating Rigor Into Lesson Plans

Rigor occurs when students can demonstrate mastery of a standard with autonomy. Consider the level of cognition that you want students to reach in each activity and the instructional strategies that will make that happen. Once you’ve done this, you can develop learning goals and scales that match assessment to

An architecture student’s hypothesis—it’s time to test it

Defining a Cognitively Complex Task

By Scott Sterling We often consider cognitively complex tasks as ideal classroom activities—the culmination of rigor. It’s a very specific process; for students to find success, instruction must be precise and deliberate. Luckily, one of the latest books in the Essentials for Achieving Rigor series, Engaging in Cognitively Complex Tasks,